Year of Projects 2021-22/Week One

I stumbled across the Year of Projects group on Ravelry this week. The group set out their crafting plans and projects for the year and then blog about their progress each week. You can read more about the group here.

As you might have guessed, I like the camaraderie of this, not to mention the hint of accountability. I love planning things. I love planners. I love getting behind systems that this year will absolutely revolutionise my sloth-like tendencies and make me more productive. But I’m trying to get away from that at the moment so I’m not going to be planning anything in minute detail, I just want to spend the year working on things that interest me and sharing them with people who I hope will also find them interesting.

That said, I have some plans, obviously. I want to do some stash reduction (doesn’t everyone?) I have both fibre and yarn to use up and it might be good to get it in to Ravelry, so there’s a project right there.

I have some fleece I need to finish prepping. I’ve not been great with prepping my own fibre, it always seems to be a bit disappointing so this is definitively an area I’d like to explore. I also have some equipment I’ve not used very much like my loom and blending board. It would be good to get to grips with these.

I’d like to finish the sweater spin that I’m doing at the moment for this pattern, although I’m open to other gradient patterns. I ‘think’ I will get enough yardage out of the fibre but I’ll have to wait and see. I also have this double knit scarf on the list. I have done double knitting before but I admit I’ve struggled to get going with this in a lace weight yarn so that will be an ongoing labour of love I think.

Oh and WIPs. I want to take stock of WIPs and decide to finish them or frog them. I’m tired of their silent taunting from the various cupboards I’ve stashed them in. I’m also tired of them falling out of every cupboard I open!

But first up for me is to finish my TdF. I’ve made some decent progress on the gradient spin I’ve been working on. I hope to finish that this week and move on to my next project, probably the sweater spin I mentioned which I am 3/5ths of the way though. Here’s my tour spinning to date.

Gradient spin

It’s been a year between the two skeins and I think I’ve spun the second skein a little more semi-worsted than the first so there is some variance. I’m not sure how this will play out in a project. Depending on length I’d planned a cowl or shawl so hopefully it won’t make too much difference.

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Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

26 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-22/Week One”

  1. I think you have summed up the group perfectly! We like a bit of planning – and who doesn’t like a list? But there’s no judgement here if you stick to the plan or not, we just like seeing what we are all making, giving encouragement and taking inspiration! Yours is a great plan.


  2. I think that’s a great plan; it’s got some structure but doesn’t lock you into a super strict list. Really enjoyed seeing your TdF spinning, and excited to see more of your projects as the year progresses!


  3. Your spun yarn looks wonderful. It looks so nice and even. I am no spinner so I impress easily with anyone who spins. I chuckled at your WIP situation. That seems to be a bit of a rub for most of us knitters/crocheters. All those WIP’s taking up real estate in our homes. So glad you decided to join us this year. I hope you find us all to be super friendly and welcoming.


    1. I echo what Lucy has said. Also, It’s nice to have another spinner join the group, there are a few of us now. Your spinning is so neat and professional, I’m very jealous. My knee and shoulder have been playing up so I haven’t spun a huge amount.


  4. Welcome aboard! Yes, half the fun is in the planning! Whatever we get done is a plus! I love your Andrea Mowrey sweater plan and the double knit scarf is amazing. I have double knit on my list to learn this year along with a few other things. Thank you for rem finding me about Ravelry! OMG, I need to update it majorly and I need to put my stash in there too! I hope you enjoy our group and your contributions will definitely be appreciated!


  5. Welcome to the group! If it’s any comfort … my WIPs are all over the place as well. The “There and Back Again” Scarf is on my list as well.


  6. Welcome to the YOP group! I am also spinning for TdF. I love your gradient spins! I am spinning natural and then I will plan to dye it. I promised myself not to buy anymore fibre until I have spun all in my stash which is all natural cream, black or brown.


  7. Welcome to a Year of Projects! Your spun yarn just beautiful. Your style (of planning) is similar to mine and I look forward to seeing what you create in this next YOP year.


  8. Welcome to the YOP group, I’m a kinda newbie and the experience has been wonderful so far. I like your plan … accountability without too much pressure!

    Your TDF plans seem to be coming along swimmingly and those skeins are beauties!!!!


  9. What beautiful spins! I can’t wait to see it all worked up!
    Finishing or frogging a project can be a tough call! I have a sweater I started a decade ago that I still can’t decide what to do with it! I wish you better luck.

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