Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Two

It’s been slow progress this week with one thing and another. Work was hectic at the start of the week and then we had a couple of days in Hay on Wye. I love mooching bookstores and there are certainly plenty in Hay, the town of books. I was surprised at how utterly exhausted I was but I think it’s probably the most I’ve done in a single day since we went back into lockdown at the end of last year!

Anyway, being busy and away from my wheel means there isn’t a lot of progress to report this week but I have made some progress on my gradient spin. I have one more batt to spin and then some chain plying, I’m hoping to finish up that in the next day or so. My next project is this sweater spin:

Fade pack for a sweater spin

I’m spinning this as a traditional 3 ply. Annoyingly I can’t remember what the base is so I’m hoping I come across the packaging soon. Keeping better records, either using Ravelry or a paper journal, is one of my goals for this year as I hardly ever remember to log them properly.

I’ve also spent some time digging around some of my WIPs:

  • Mothed 3/4 of body done and 3/4 of one sleeve. I think I’m going to have to start the sleeve again as I’m not too sure where I got to with the stitch decreases. This is a handspun project.
  • Le Facteur another handspun project that’s been on the needles for over three years. I will probably frog this.
  • Elizabeth Montagu socks as part of the Bluestockings knit along. I’ve fallen waaaay behind with this KAL
  • Piccolo Mondo Antico socks I see these have been on the go since 2017
  • Fyne Vest I lost heart with this a bit when I kept having to rip it back but I’m determined to finish it!
  • A project on the loom that I haven’t looked at in a couple of years. It’s a straightforward wrap, nothing fancy but I hand dyed the yarn to go with a dress for a friend’s wedding. I had to go out and buy a cardigan instead!

To be fair there aren’t as many as I expected, but I’m not ruling out finding some more stashed in odd places. This week I want to push on with spinning and see what I can get done in the last few days of the TdF.

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Two”

    1. I’ve knitted the first one and cast off for the short version but I need to go back as my cast off was too tight so I’m thinking about going back and doing the long pattern. I do find the instructions for the calf patterning a bit complicated though (which is why I avoided it in the first place!)


  1. I found that WIPs stressed me out a couple of years ago. I got them down to roughly 4 or less which works for my stress level tolerance. That’s not counting an attempt at knitting argyl socks that are to be frogged and turned into striped socks instead. Sounds like you have yours under control.


  2. Your spinning is so pretty. I love the colours and think it will look great as a jumper. I haven’t been to Hay on Wye but we stayed in Wigtown when they had their literary festival and they are the Scottish equivalent with loads of book shops. I look forward to seeing updates on your WIPs, even if the yarn gets used for something else…seems some had been misbehaving. I spun a tiny bit yesterday but my spinning mojo is very low which is a shame as I love TDF usually, so I shall partake vicariously through you and the others spinning beautiful yarns.


  3. Can’t wait to see your Elizabeth montagu. I have fallen behind on the other bluestockings because I am waiting for a sock yarn order to arrive. They were a great knit and fit so well. My first knee highs. Your spinning fibre is so beautiful. I only have natural fibre to spin – I need to get some dyeing done.


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