Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Four

It’s been a difficult week with all this heat. Despite the through draft created by having all of my windows and doors replaced this week it couldn’t cool things down enough to think much about knitting.

I did make progress on the Fyne vest. Aaaand then I made a mistake again. And then I had to unravel it again. I have knitted the same fifteen rows more times than I can count now and I’m rapidly falling out of love with it.I’m giving myself one last attempt to get it right and then I’m frogging it for good (or maybe setting it on fire and casting it into the abyss).

I did make some Ravellenics progress however. I cast on Fichu Bleu with the gradient I spun during the TdF. I’m never really sure if I’m a shawl person, some people make them look chic and effortless but I think I look like a badger wrapped in a blanket. Nevertheless I think it’s a nice simple pattern for watching the games and I think it works well with the chain ply.

Image shows shawl in stockinette and broken rib in a green gradient
Fichu Bleu

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16 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Four”

  1. Badger in a blanket – lol! Love it but I’m sure you don’t. I don’t think I am a shawl person but occasionally I get sucked in by a lovely pattern. I tend to end up giving them away and love knitting them so it is a win win situation!

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  2. Oh my goodness…………..I was laughing at the ‘badger in a blanket’ sentence. I too, have a hard time wearing shawls so they look elegant. But, I do it anyway. I think your new shawl is lovely and I think it will be perfect for watching games in.

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  3. I hope this next time is successful and no more frogging is necessary – sounds like it is definitely not Olympic watching worthy knitting! I did chuckle at your comment about fire and the abyss. It may be the correct solution in the end.

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  4. Oh you really made me smile with your set it on fire comment and badger in a blanket…I can definitely relate to the first. I knit a shawl that was super long but not too wide and I thought it was weird and no idea how I’d wear it and then winter came and I was as snug as a bug in a rug in it all wrapped round my neck a lot of times. So fingers crossed you’ll find you actually love wearing yours when finished. 🙂

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  5. I found that shawls are much easier to wear, and stay put, with a shawl pin or a shawl band (like a leather bracelet with a snap on it).

    I have some yarns that I can never get to work, and I often think of throwing them into the abyss; I can totally commiserate. Hope this week works out in your favor!!


  6. The temps have been rough in my neck of the woods too, so much so the only crafting I’ve done is spindle spinning because I could only deal with tiny bits of fiber at a time. LOL!

    Your shawl make is beautiful. The pattern and yarn pairing is on point and I’m sure you’ll look amazing in it.


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