Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Five

This week I’ve been starting to try and sort through some of my knitting related stash. It’s spread all over the house meaning that when I want a certain size needle/those gold beads/a crochet hook/my favourite stitch markers/ my plying spindle I have to search several locations to try and find what I’m looking for. I’m hoping to start finding a proper home for things over the coming weeks and get some of my stash into Ravelry. I have some long weekends coming up so I’m hoping to use that to start getting to grips with where to store things like beads and notions.

In the course of sorting I came across an old project from (I think) 2018. This is some of my handspun but I have no idea what the pattern was that I was using. I’m also not happy with how this was knitting up, I think it’s a bit too thin. I never like frogging a project but I don’t think this is ever going to see the light of day as a finished item. I’m not sure what this yarn is going to be, maybe a second yarn in a held double project?

Image shows a partially knitted jumper
A sad end to some handspun

In other news I’ve been making some good progress on my shawl for the Ravellenics. I’ve realised that I have gone wrong and my stockinette sections are deeper than they should be but I’m not too bothered about that. I have no idea if this will ever be something I’ll wear, but I really like this gradient.

Shawl in Fellview Fibre gradient Witch Hazel

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13 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Five”

  1. That’s a shame you don’t like the 2018 sweater. I think it looks nice. And a lightweight sweater is nice to have for spring and fall. I understand about spreading around the house. I’m lucky that hubby doesn’t complain about my yarn wall (wooden boxes stacked and then filled with yarn). My circular needle holder and project bags hang from my cat tower. Not great.


  2. The handspun from the first project is gorgeous, I’m sure it will serves you well when you use it again. And the shawl gradient … brilliant!


  3. Organizing my craft supplies was the best time I ever spent. I do still tend to get things spread out on the coffee table in the living room where I knit – but when it gets too crazy I do know that everything has a place. I often find that finding the perfect pattern for my handspun is harder work than the spinning!


    1. I’m not good at having a place for everything despite Pinterest boards about organising. I suppose I can start with needle holders though as that’s shopping for knitting supplies and I excel at that!


  4. Ah, organizing crafting tools! Somehow my craft room has become a mess (again) and I need to tend to that. I, too, love the colors in that yarn you’re going to frog. Blending it with another yarn sounds genius.


  5. You are so right….frogging is no fun but what a pretty yarn you spun. Hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect project for it. The gradient is really pretty and again, I hope you can finish it into something you will enjoy as you have already put so much work into it. Have a good week!

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