Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Six

It’s been a reasonably successful week this week. I finished my Fichu Bleu shawl for the Ravellenics. As it’s pretty miserable weather here this weekend I’ve not been able to get out in some decent light to take some photographs so I haven’t properly updated my Ravelry page or done a finished object post about it yet, but here it is on the blocking mats. I definitely need a second set of blocking mats for longer projects!

Image shows a crescent shawl being blocked into shape. The colours move in a gradient from greens, through purples, and finally browns and oranges.
Witch Hazel Shawl

The shawl has taken up the majority of my time this week but I have made a start on one of my WIPs. This is Mothed which has been on my needles for a good couple of years. It’s another handspun project and there is quite a bit unevenness to the stitches in places as a result of the handspun but I’m quite enjoying the texture it’s giving the piece at the moment.

Image shows sweater in progress with half a body and half of one sleeve complete. Yarn in shades of pale pinks, brown, and white.
Handspun Mothed

Not much progress on other projects although there has been some reasonable harvests from the garden. The courgettes and potatoes are still going strong and I need to find something to do with chard. I think we’re going to have a great chilli crop too. If only I could grow some flowers in the borders instead of the fine showing of weeds!

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12 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Six”

  1. Oh no I hope it’s on the mend. The problem with gardening is that you have to keep on top of it all the time. If you turn your back for five minutes there are weeds everywhere.


  2. Your shawl is stunning. The gradient colors are eye catching. The sweater is nice. Love the texture of it. Hands-on always makes a statement when made into a garment.


  3. Congrats on finishing up your shawl – it looks stellar! I absolutely LOVE the subtle soothing colors and texture of your handspun top. That’s exactly my kind of garment and color palette.


  4. Your handspun sweater is so lovely! I am always in awe of spinners who can spin a sweater quantity!
    The finished shawl is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in all its good light glory!


    1. I managed to get about 800m out of 100g of fibre which makes it my finest spin ever I think, although I made it into a 3ply. I don’t usually get anywhere near enough for a sweater out of that much yarn.


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