Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Eight

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks so I didn’t get around to posting last week. I’ve been making some steady progress on my Mothed jumper and I’m now onto the final couple of inches on the body. I went with 3/4 sleeves, partly because that’s what I like but also I’m a bit worried about having enough yarn to finish the body! I’m keeping this as my TV knit this week.

Image shows jumper knitted top down with three quarter sleeves and an incomplete body.

Despite having some WIPs still to finish up I cast on a new project this weekend because I found the yarn and had to use it. This is Third Vault Yarns in Deep Space on the Librarian Sock base. I love this colourway and it’s knitting up great with the Ogopogo sock pattern.

I also decided to try out the School of SweetGeorgia fibre craft school with two weeks access for $1 at the moment. I enjoyed Felicia Lo’s Craftsy classes on dyeing several years ago and her SweetGeorgia platform has dyeing classes as well as knitting, weaving, spinning, and more. I’ve dipped in and out of a couple of classes and watched most of the one on blending boards as that’s my next project I think. There are opportunities to attend live sessions online although I’ve not looked into how that will work out with the time difference. I can imagine I’ll dip in and out of this with a monthly subscription here and there but I don’t know whether it would be worth a subscription for a whole year.


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19 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Eight”

  1. I love all those soft colors in your handspun Mothed. I’m on that sort of kick right now. Super fun socks too! I’ll be interested in hearing about the classes online. I know she’s been working on building up a class library but I haven’t been over to her site to look through them recently.

    I’ve been meaning to ask if “ceulan” is Welsh? We have a driving tour of Wales on the list for someday and I’m intrigued by the language (as well as the beauty of the landscape) where you live.


  2. Thank you. I might not have picked the colourway myself but it was an instalment in a fibre club I was part of. I think it’s worked really well with this pattern so it’s good to try different things (or everything would be purple and green for me 😀)

    Yes Ceulan (pronounced kay-lan) is both the name of the local river and one of the former woollen mills. I like the connection to the area’s woolly heritage! There are some very beautiful areas of Wales, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I’m currently learning Welsh. Languages aren’t my strong point but I’m hoping to crack it this time.

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    1. Thanks for the info on the place name – how cool there’s a woolly tie-in there. I think anyone who doesn’t grow up speaking Welsh will not have learning it as an easy task. My dad has a smattering of it which he tosses out occasionally to make the rest of us feel badly, I suspect 🙂 The double ll’s and consonants in unexpected places really trip me up!


  3. Your projects look great! I especially love the socks. I noticed you’re knitting them with the flexi points. Did it take you a long time to get used to them? I’ve tried once or twice but there seem to be too many points hanging around for my liking.


    1. Oh that’s interesting I took to them quite quickly and much prefer them to DPNS or circs. They do sometimes get twisted round the wrong way and I need to find my comfortable spot again, but overall I love them. I’ll have to try and pay attention to how I hold them.

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  4. Lovely socks, I like Third Vault yarns too, I knit a linen/bamboo cardigan in her dyed yarn and it’s harder to find dyers selling plant fibre yarns. I signed up to Craftsy earlier in the year for $5 for a year during an offer but I haven’t watched anything for months. I probably should give it another try. I grew up on the Wirral so have been to North Wales a lot, but not been down to mid or South Wales.


    1. I’d like to experiment with more plant fibres and yarns as I haven’t used much other than bamboo in knitting. I did spin some soybean fibre a while ago which had an interesting texture and drape.

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      1. I have a small amount of soybean fibre I haven’t tried spinning yet. I was tempted to wrap my own advent out of all the small amounts of different fibres I have in my stash 😂


  5. Awesome projects as always and your handspun shines so much! I’ve been trying for years to get into sock knitting, your new WIP is enticing me to try again. LOL!


  6. I also prefer not-full-length sleeves; I find I’m always pushing them up anyway. I’m also impatient, which might be my larger issue.
    Love the sock color and pattern! The flexi-flips in action also look awesome- and would make trying on a sock mid knit pretty easy!


  7. Drat I missed the promo for the sweetgeorgiaschool, but it looks awesome. I did one of their classes on colour. I love that sock pattern, and the colourway you are using for it. Your sweater is almost done – just a little more binge tving and you will be wearing it with pride.


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