Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Thirteen

A bit of a late update from me this week as yesterday got away from a me a bit. Progress has been slow on various projects but at least it’s being made. My Ogopogo sock has reached the heel. Remind me never to cast on cable socks again. I know I said it last time but I forgot. I love the pattern but it’s slow progress for me. I think I will cast on a second, easy project to do while I’m watching television. Trying to watch the Vigil finale last night and make progress with a cabled sock was just too much!

As with previous weeks I’ve been making progress with my online spinning workshop with SweetGeorgia Yarns. I’m really enjoying this as it’s been a great opportunity to try out new things. I generally spin fibre as it comes. It would never really occur to me to try to change the preparation of a bought fibre to alter how I spin it, or to change how the colour works when spun, or even (the horror) put different coloured braids together and alter someone’s carefully thought out colour scheme.

Last week we experimented with soaking fibre in warm water and drying it before spinning. The purpose of this is to reinvigorate fibre which may have lost its crimp in processing or storage, and to make it a smoother, loftier spin. I only tried this with some undyed BFL I had (it’s not supposed to work as well with dyed fibre) but it did make quite a difference in terms of the loftiness of the finished fibre.

L-R: not soaked, unfinished; not soaked, finished; soaked, unfinished; soaked, finished

I’m not sure that you can really tell from this photo but the final sample skein was spun from pre-soaked fibre which was then soaked again after spinning to set the twist. The finished result is definitely lighter and fluffier than the non-soaked but similarly finished skein. This might be something I’d do again with older braids I’ve had crushed up in storage boxes under the bed.

I’ve also been experimenting with twist and ply. This is some of the sampling I’ve done so far. Next on the list is to try with some sock yarn techniques, I’m interested in trying out the opposing 3-ply technique where one of your singles is spun in the opposite direction before being plied with the other two.

I think what’s struck me most about the course so far is that there is genuinely a reason why yarn doesn’t want to be a particular project (I mean a reason other than I saw something I liked better a few days after casting on). I’m happy with the idea that certain yarns have drape or loft, but I’m getting a better idea now of why two, three, or four ply yarns suit certain projects better depending on whether it is lace or cables, or why high or low twist yarns might alter a project. Hopefully this will help me with deciding what commercial yarns will work better for a specific project. Or maybe I’ll just by multiple skeins anyway!

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8 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Thirteen”

  1. I feel like you are getting SO MUCH from this online class. If nothing else, a class outline makes you slow down and take the time to practice and sample, both of which are really important steps, but if you’re like me, you just want to get down to the project of the spin and not as much the process. I’m loving seeing all that you’re experimenting with!!


    1. There is something about a class I think. I’ve read some of this before in books like Jill Moreno’s Yarnitecture, but I just enjoyed reading them rather than actually doing any of the work! It really does make a difference.


  2. Congratulations on all you are learning about yarns and spinning. It’s interesting you say you have learned so much about yarns by spinning. Andrea Mowry said the same thing in one of her Q&A episodes. I can see the benefit but I really don’t want to pick up another craft. So far I feel like I haven’t been stung by my yarn decisions so I’ll keep to just knitting. I tend to avoid cable sock patterns because socks are usually my “brain dead” project. But they are beautiful so someday…


  3. I’ve got Jill’s Yarnitecture book too but find it hard to learn through books. If there is some bonus to you through the school to refer a friend then let me know as maybe this would help me get my spinning mojo back.


    1. I don’t think there’s any sign up bonus but it’s worth keeping an eye out for their special deals, they still have the 14 days for $1. I’ve only really looked at the spinning workshops so far. Like Craftsy I think some are stronger than others but I’ve definitely learned so new things and it’s helped a bit with my mojo.


  4. Your are learning so much and that means that I am learning so much reading your spinning class updates. I always spin the same and I can see now how learning different ways will produce different yarns for different projects. I loved looking at that sample card you made! Also, I am definitely casting on those socks! Everytime I see your update on them I remind myself I want to knit a pair of ogopogo too!

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