Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Fourteen

It’s pretty much just socks for me this week. I’ve made progress on my Ogopogo socks for my partner or as I’m calling them Librarian Sock for Librarian’s Socks as they use Third Vault Yarns Librarian Sock blend. Given my partner’s profession it seemed an apt yarn. I’m starting to wonder why I knit socks for people with big feet. I have size four feet and I have decided I’m not knitting socks for anyone with feet bigger than mine again! Well that’s probably not true, but I’d be almost to the cuff by now if I was knitting them for me.

Size eleven socks don’t quite work on a size four sock blocker

I’ve struggled a bit this week as the heel turn seemed unusual to me and I couldn’t make sense of it. Once I stopped trying to make sense of it and just did it, it all worked out fine. I need to remember heels are mostly magic and no good comes of trying to understand why they work, just accept they will and all will be well.

I really like the pattern but they do take a bit more concentration than I really want on some evenings at the moment so I’ve also cast on a pair of simple vanilla socks for me (so short, yay!) for more mindless knitting when I’m a bit frazzled. This is most evenings right now.

I’m struggling with both reading physical books and knitting at the moment (not at the same time, I’ve always struggled with that!) I’m now at an age where my eyes don’t want to do close work without a lot of effort and I don’t think the light in my living room helps. It’s cosy and ready for winter, but I need something brighter for the darker evenings (and the darker days given that it hasn’t stopped raining here all week) so I think that’s going to be my task for this week. Oh and finding some bright red sock yarn as I’ve been asked for a pair of red socks and this is just about the only colour I don’t have in stash.

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15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Fourteen”

  1. Size 11 socks? Oh heck no! I don’t care how much you adore the person, that is a HUGE sock. I did a pair of 10.5 once and it seemed like it took forever to do the foot. I have never made that person another pair since then. I will say the colorway is very pretty though. Hooray for plain vanilla socks. A knitters blessing during times of stress.

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  2. Say the same about heels even after 4 years of knitting them. Plus I’m a math nerd but I still don’t really get why they work. Just thankful they do. Knitting cozies for my thermal tumblers is my new “brain dead” knitting. We have quite a few tumblers so it will keep me busy for awhile. Also working great to practice not looking at my knitting as I use bigger yarn and needles than I do for my socks. I still haven’t mastered wearing a neck lamp (Amazon) for my evening knitting but I know those that do.

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  3. My feet are size 3 and my husband is a 10 so I feel your frustration on knitting bigger socks, I could make 2 pairs for me in the time I can make one pair for him. I hope he will appreciate and wear them lots! Very pretty yarn you are using. I knit a top in some Third Vault Yarns linen/bamboo yarn, she dyes beautiful yarns.

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  4. Socks seem like the perfect autumn project to me too for some reason, and I love the colors in the pair you’re working on right now. I struggle with the bad lighting issue in the wintertime too. My knitting chair that’s by the woodstove is perfect to knit in, but the light isn’t the greatest in that corner, so I wind up trying to save projects that need good light for snippets of time during the day, but it’s hard to make progress that way!

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    1. Yes I have daytime and nighttime projects. It probably doesn’t help that I’m using dark yarn on dark needles against a usually dark background. I have a craft apron I sometimes use when spinning dark fibres to help with the contrast but it seems a bit much to sit in it all evening.


  5. Size 4? I’m surprised you don’t tip over! LOL! I have size 10 feet and I’m only 5’2″….I’m sure I would be taller if my feet weren’t so big. They are beautiful socks and I’m sure she will appreciate them. Have a good week!

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  6. Oh boy! Size 11?? That’s a labor of love. I only knit socks for my daughter and I. I need our feet to measure and make sure they fit as I go, lol. My husband is an 11, but is not interested in hand knit socks. (I’m thankful for that, lol.) The yarn you are using is beautiful. It really makes the pattern pop.


  7. Even though they are taking a while they are gorgeous socks. And of course heels are magic – no one understands them!


  8. I hear you about knitting socks for people with large feet. My husband gets about one pair (maybe two) a year because his feet are so wide that they take forever to knit. I only knit him vanilla socks – I can’t imagine carrying on a pattern for that many rows!


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