Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Fifteen

This week I’ve been enjoying an easy knit. I’m so impressed with how quickly these can knit up. I haven’t managed to find a lot of opportunities to knit this week but I’ve still managed to mostly complete one sock. Knitting for small feet is definitely much more fun! Most small sock patterns I’ve knitted have tended to be 64 stitches but I’ve found that these, at 58, are a much better fit.

I’m been feeling a bit guilty for leaving my Librarian’s Socks untouched this week but I just didn’t have the concentration. As consolation I have ordered some red sock yarn so that I can cast on simple socks for my partner while he’s waiting. He’ll probably get these before I finish the others!

It finally stopped pouring down this week so we managed to get in our logs for the winter. My autumn shallots have arrived so if it stays dry over the next week I’m going to try and sort out my vegetable beds to get those in. I’m also starting to look forward to planning next year in the garden. Once again I’m not sure if I’ve ordered one lot of seed potatoes or two but I’m sure I’ll plant (and eat) however many turn up.

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12 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Fifteen”

  1. What a lovely color these socks are! And you’re making great progress on them. We got our wood in this last week too – and my DH, because he’s a good guy, spent yesterday morning getting it all stacked in the barn for us. I’m actually ready for a few fires and the cold weather to go with them.

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    1. That’s very interesting, I’ve tried garlic twice and they have rotted in the ground both times. Last year the shallots were the most successful things we grew and they have made excellent pickles!


  2. Nothing wrong with easy and relaxing! Love the yarn. I didn’t know you could order seed potatoes now…I’ll have to look into that although I keep saying I’m not gardening anymore….lol! I need to get the chi mney sweep over here. Have a good week and enjoy your sock knitting!


    1. I panicked when I saw so many of my usual places were out of stock. I’m not sure if this is because other people are more organised than me, or because they aren’t selling them until later in the year. Potatoes are my favourite veg though so I had to buy some in advance when I saw them just in case.


  3. I love the colour of the socks – beautiful. I hope you got your beds sorted and found out how many potatoes are coming – even though either is great!


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