Year of Projects Week Sixteen

I’m having a bit of a sock thing right now and I currently have three pairs on the go. I love how this sock fits so much that I’m casting on another for my partner (since he’s going to be waiting a very long time for the Ogopogo ones). They’re perfect TV knitting. I think I’ll change the heel in the next one and maybe go with Eye of Partridge as I prefer that to the rib. It’s nice to be knitting small socks!

There’s been a new yarn purchase for said socks. I love the colour and feel of this Malabrigo yarn.

There was one other purchase this week which was a Hilltop Cloud 12 Days of Christmas fibre calendar so that’s my festive spinning sorted. Other than these I’m hoping to see the year out making my way through some stash yarn. Probably.

That’s it for this week. I’m hoping work will get a bit less frantic soon as it does tend to get in the way of crafting!

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16 thoughts on “Year of Projects Week Sixteen”

  1. The eye of partridge is my favorite heel. It seems to have a bit more cushion to it. I like the color of the socks you are making. But………….that new malabrigo yarn!!!!!!!!!!! That is a gorgeous red.


  2. I love the yarn of your socks on the go, the colours are so rich. I’m a fan of malabrigo too and it’s a nice yarn to knit with, although I’ve not tried socks. I will look forward to seeing your advent, so many times I’ve considered buying things from Hilltop Cloud, she dyes beautiful colours.


    1. I do like HTC fibre so I’m looking forward to the calendar although I’m not sure whether I should open everything and see how I want to spin it, or open and spin a day at a time. I suppose there’s plenty of time to think about it.

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  3. I’m loving your socks – the colors are fantastic. And trying very hard not to go browse at Hilltop Cloud. She has amazing fibres (I was in her club for a year). Will be anxious to see your 12 Days when it arrives and what you decide to do with it.


    1. I was in her Time Travellers Club for a time and buy quite a bit from her. I’ve nearly finished one of her sweater fade packs and just need to push on with the last braid.


  4. It is so great to find a pattern you like and to stick with it. Currently I am in love with fishlips kiss heels. No picking up stitches for the gusset which I like a lot.


  5. Socks are perfect take-along, tv-knitting, and also “take that sweater away, I can’t stand another pattern designing attempt right now!” – projects. 😉 That red is so gorgeous, it’s exactly the red I was looking for. I might have to celebrate my new job by splurging on Malabrigo yarn.


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