Year of Projects Week Seventeen

Image shows five knitted socks in various stages of completeness.

What’s the collective noun for unfinished socks? I’m thinking it should be an ‘embarrassment’. Here’s my embarrassment of socks. I just can’t stop starting socks! I was on the home straight with my plain sock until I realised I had messed up the heel turn and I had to rip it all back. I’m hoping to finish it up this week. I’m committing myself right now to completing the rest before the new year. Maybe. I mean, have you seen the size of that one for my partner amongst all my size fours? It looks like a clown sock!

Other than knitting I have been trying to get some things straight in the garden. Dry days are very few and far between here at the moment but I did manage to clear a vegetable bed yesterday and get my autumn shallots planted. I have another set to go in but I might be waiting a while for another dry day. I also harvested the last of the veggies which included a reasonable haul of courgettes, some peppers, and one single, tiny aubergine! I was super excited at that as I didn’t expect to get anything at all from the plant given the weather.

That’s it for me. I’m hoping to find time for a bit more crafting activity over the next few weeks as I think (hope) I’m through the worst of my busy period at work.

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

13 thoughts on “Year of Projects Week Seventeen”

  1. I now know why I do not have a lot of sock needles. Casting on new socks is always a joy for me. If I had more sock needles I might be tempted to have copious amount of partial socks. I am sure you will get them all finished at some point.


  2. You could be like many of my students – wear two different socks! I always knit mine taat so I don’t run into second sock syndrome, but I love that phrase you have coined ‘an embarrassment of socks’!


  3. Oh goodness that is a long sock…will he be happy with them being ankle socks. I’m so grateful for my size 2.5 feet and that I like short socks. You look like you’ve knit a pair of mine already just on the foot of that one sock.


    1. And I thought my feet were small! It’s definitely something to be thankful for when it comes to knitting. He’ll have to be happy with wherever I decide to stop 😂


  4. I see nothing wrong here at all. Socks are fun and knitting should be too IMHO! You’ll get the urge to finish some (all?) of them up at some point. And I’m enjoying seeing all that you’ve got on the needles right now!


  5. I had a good laugh about your “clown socks”… they are all lovely and you will get them done in good time. Meanwhile, enjoy the process. I go in stages….starting a bunch and then wanting to finish things up…’s a cycle. You’ll be fine.


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