Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Twenty

I missed a posting last week because things have been super busy on the work front. I think I’m back on top of things again now (famous last words and all that!)

This week I’ve mostly been spinning because even endless rounds of stockinette stitch socks was too much. Well to be fair, I turned the heel, messed up somehow, ripped it back and haven’t had the heart to pick it up again so spinning it is.

I’ve made a start on an art yarn gradient using fibre from the 2020 Fellview Fibres 12 Days of Christmas Calendar, you can see the original batts here on the Fellview Fibres website. I wanted to do something different to my usual ‘spin it and see what you get’ although I’m a bit sad I’ve lost the lovely lustre of the blend. I’m not quite good enough to spin a balanced singles core spun yarn so I’ve gone with making a plied core spun.

I’m spinning it around a lace weight cotton core and then plying it with some gold thread to keep that Christmassy theme. I still have to finish the yarn so I’m not sure what metreage I’ll have at the end yet but I’m hoping for enough for a knitted cowl or maybe I’ll try a woven project but I think that would need to be mixed with another yarn. I’m also not really sure how to measure the WPI with art yarn so I need to investigate that.

In other projects I’ve given my wheel a bit of a polish as she looked a bit ‘dry’. Maybe the winter heating affects her too, I’m starting to feel like the central heating is sucking all of the moisture from my body too. At this rate I’ll be a desiccated husk by December! I’ll try and remember to give her an oiling too as I don’t think I do this anywhere near enough.

As for the garden is pretty much going to ruin now. I think I’ll just close the curtains and check on it again in March!

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Twenty”

  1. Your spun yarn looks amazing to me. What a beautiful project it will make! Hope you get your knitting mojo back. I do appreciate being retired. It s#@*s getting old but being retired helps make up for the decrease in ability/energy.


    1. Thank you! The weekend has cleared my brain fuzz a bit so I’m going to do a bit of knitting tonight, I think. I have a huge pile of books and projects I’m planning for my retirement so I hope to be busy but in more relaxing ways (if that makes sense!)

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  2. I adore that yarn…it’s gorgeous and I’m thinking a cowl would be lovely! I hate forced air heating and AC…it does dry you out and everything else too. I want to find an old house with radiators. I had them growing up and when I was raising my children and there was not dust everywhere, no allergies, or sneezing…it is the healthiest, IMHO.
    I need to clean out my container gardens…..they look so sad now. I love retirement…I have no idea how I lived before! LOL! Enjoy yours! I hope you settle in and enjoy some knitting and books! I am re-reading the Mitford series by Jan Karon….they might be my favorites. Have a great week!


  3. Your spinning looks very clever, I haven’t tried core spinning yet and this looks like fun. We only have our heating set to 18-19°C so it’s not too drying, but I have a thirstier wheel than the other. They are both in the same room now to see if was location, but one I can oil hardly ever and the other needs an oil every time I use it. Both Ashford’s but 2nd hand from different households so I don’t know where they used to be kept. The one that likes lots of oil also soaked up teak oil on its woodwork like it’s a thirsty baby, I may invest in some Danish oil for the wood.


    1. I found core spinning surprisingly easy to grasp given the different hand movements involved. I will give singles core spun a go again after this I think, but I find that tends to end up a tangled mess!

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  4. What a fun yarn! I think it looks great, especially with the little peeks of gold in that otherwise squishy-looking yarn. Hope things will stay calmer for you as we head into the final weeks of the year. 🙂


  5. Your yarn is Fabulous!!!! Yes, the capital F was intentional!

    I feel the dried out husk statement in my SOUL, and particularly on my hands! Hope the oils help everyone feel refreshed and hydrated!


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