Year of Projects Week Twenty Seven

It’s been a while since I posted anything but the end of last year was just so busy I found it difficult to get much crafting done. I have managed to make some progress over the Christmas period:

The Man-Socks of Doom are slowly getting there. They would have been finished by Christmas but I went wrong on the heel turn and lost heart at the thought of unravelling. This is definitely one to finish for January.

I finished my corespun yarn and I will do an update for this later in the week once I’ve worked out how much I have. I’m not sure whether I like this or not, and I have absolutely no idea what to actually do with it, but I really enjoyed the process of making it.

I’m making my way through my Hilltop Coloud 12 Days of Cristmas spin. I’ve decided to spin this as a traditional 3-ply mixing and matching the fibres in a combo spin. I’m enjoying it so far. This is my progress with the first six days.

I haven’t made any crafting goals for the year ahead beyond trying to make sure I do something every week, however small. I think for now finishing up some of my WIPs will be the main focus and I certainly have plenty of those. I’d like to try and use up some stash, I know there is some beautiful purple Malabrigo there somewhere. I’m hoping Wonderwool will run this year. It’s my local yarn festival and it’s been two years since it was about to run as a physical thing. I’m going to try and keep my yarn purchasing at a minimum with the exception of that.

Non-crafting goals are to get more books read this year, I’m aiming for 75. I do include audio books otherwise I find having to choose between crafting and reading difficult. I’m also hoping it increase my running this year so my January challenge is to run at least one mile a day. The weather here is pretty atrocious at the moment so it’s a hard call as to whether I should have made it a swimming challenge!

That’s it for my quick update. Wishing you a happy 2022 and good luck with your own projects and challenges for the year ahead.

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

14 thoughts on “Year of Projects Week Twenty Seven”

  1. Your spinning with those colors is going to be really pretty when knit up. I like the corespun but have no idea what you would make with it. Maybe a hat and scarf?


  2. WOW! Some beautiful spinning projects that will turn into beautiful knitting projects someday. I think the corespun would make a fun summer top if knit loosely. Wear colorful camisole tops under?? Glad to see you posting again in YOP. Hope you have a great 2022.


  3. Happy new year, it is great to see you back! Your spinning is lovely – I have a hard enough time picking projects to go with my yarn so I’m not sure what you should do with it! Whatever you do will be lovely I’m sure.


  4. It was fun to see your spinning and I love the colors you have on your bobbin right now. Maybe you could use the corespun as trim for a set? Something like the folded-up brim of a hat and the cuffs on mittens so they look kind of like mouton? Good luck with all your goals for 2022 – happy new year!


  5. Oh that spinning looks lovely, the core spun and your HTC. This will be very pretty plied I’m sure. Glad you found some time to let us know how you are doing and hope 2022 is a little less hectic for you.


  6. Those socks are striking! I think I am going to start doing some solid color socks this year. The yarn that you spun is so pretty….I love the colors. I am with you on taming some WIPs this year. I forgot to add spinning to my bucket list! Happy New Year!


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