Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Twenty Nine

Its been a weekend of decorating this week so I’ve been trying to fit in bits of knitting and spinning where I can. I’m also trying to read a lot more this year which cuts into crafting time; it hard having hobbies that conflict with each other.

Anyway the man socks are coming to an end and I should wrap these up this evening. Despite having several ‘one sock projects’ on the go I am naturally casting around for my next cast on. I’m looking for ideas for some beautiful Malabrigo Mechita in Eggplant. I originally bought this for knitting Ink but I’ve struggled to get started with the cabled collar. I think rather than a cardigan I might go with an oversized sweater or tunic, something simple for slouching around in on weekends.

In spinning news I’m still making my way down my 12 Days. This is the next set of colours for days 7-12.

I’ve split the fibre so that the first set of singles is days 2–7, the second days 7-12, and the third a combination of both. The 100g of fibre from day one is split between the three. Even at a three ply I think I will probably hit a fingering weight. I’m not sure if a combo spin was the right approach but it’s an enjoyable spin and it’s going to be a surprise when it’s plied!

Author: ceulanfibres

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10 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22 Week Twenty Nine”

  1. A few summers ago, I started listening to audio books so I could sew and “read”. See if your local library has a partnership with an online source to keep costs minimal (audio books REALLY add up- cost wise).

    Your fibers to spin are SO BEAUTIFUL!!


    1. They are really soft too. I do have an Audible subscription which helps with some of my ‘reading’. I’ll check out my library again though to see if availability has improved as it’s been a while since I looked at their audio offerings. I also like the odd podcast.

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  2. Love the pattern you are planning to knit, so gorgeous. I’ve been in the spinning mood and have started two new spinning projects. I love the fiber you plan to spin, so pretty!

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  3. Look at all those luscious colors waiting to be spun. Reading on my kindle has freed my hands up more so I can craft and read at the same time. I am not thinking it would work well with spinning though.

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  4. I have an Audible subscription but also our library gives us access to Bolinda Audio free ebooks and audiobooks. You usually have to select some and wait for the email saying it’s now available, depends what your library’s account allows. It’s worth checking though as I usually get 1 or 2 a month through this free! I’m sure once plied it’s going to be stunning.

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  5. Your spinning roving colours are amazing. It seems all I have in my fibre stash is natural greys/browns/white. Hmmm. I guess I had better start to learn to dye with things other than kool-aid!

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