Year of Projects 2021/22: Week Thirty One

I’m pleased to have found the time to knit this week, and I have knitted every evening. Unfortunately it’s still slow progress on my Boxy sweater due to the tiny needles and yarn. Still, it is great TV knitting and I have made good progress with Succession if nothing else. Next up for my knitting will be The Sopranos which for some reason I have never got around to watching.

I haven’t done much with my other indoor or outdoor projects this week. I did go and see the kitchen people to at least get started with that project. They have a very long lead in time for getting work done which is probably a good thing given my inability to make decisions about the finer details. Hopefully we’ll get some quotes underway for that in the next week or two.

That’s it for me this week. I think next week’s blog post will look this this plus a couple of inches! I might have an update on my spinning but I don’t think I’ll be at the plying stage which is the bit I’m excited to get to!

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13 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22: Week Thirty One”

    1. It’s my own fault, I love fingering weight yarn more than anything else. I don’t know why but I always think the colours look better in fingering than in a thicker yarn. I have no idea why.


  1. Those fingering sweaters take FOREVER! But they are good “braindead” knitting for TV or podcast knitting. Good luck on getting any workmanship done. The demand is huge so everyone is booked for years. Many we have called will no longer take orders. Just be patient or you may end up like us – with a totally destroyed remodel that has to be replaced so you get to look at an eyesore constantly reminding you or your stupidity. Half the reason I like coming to Florida for the winter is I don’t have to look at our destroyed swimming pool and yard.

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    1. It has been pleasing TV knitting, but there won’t be much to report for a few weeks. The kitchen people did say it would probably be September before they could get the work done and I don’t expect any of the other people to be any sooner than that. It might be for the best. I could feel myself falling in love with things I don’t need/can’t afford in the showroom so this gives me a bit more time to save 😂

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  2. Always great to have good tv knitting projects. We loved The Sopranos (we have actually watched it through twice). I haven’t tried Succession, but perhaps it will go into my queue! Have a good week.


  3. I loved the Sopranos, we binge watched it all a few years ago and really missed it when we’d watched them all. We said in another ten or more years we’d binge watch it again, it’s that good. Best of luck with the kitchen planning. Our 3rd attempt at them delivering a corner unit just happened this morning at 7am! My husband says it’s the right colour and it’s not broken so yay! Phew!

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  4. I keep queuing up fingering weight/mostly stockinette sweaters because I love how they look and how versatile they are, but I keep dragging my feet about starting one. I should just do it because I love how yours is coming along!

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    1. I do love the drape of fingering weight sweaters, and they’re pretty versatile. I think of them as my ‘just right’ sweaters – not too hot, not too cold, whatever the weather.


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