Year of Projects 2021/22: Week Forty

I can’t believe we’re this far through the year already, I’ve barely scratched the surface of yarn related projects! At least Boxy is coming to a close now. I’m just working on the sleeves and finishing up the neckline. I’m not sure what my next larger project will be. Maybe Hitofude which has been on my to knit pile for a while. I’ve started it a few times but the yarn never wanted to be that project. I now have some yarn that I think will be great for it, but I’m not sure it’s the right colour. Aargh!

I’m still slowly spinning my advent spin. I don’t think I’ve ever taken this long to spin anything, I’m not sure where my spinning mojo has gone. I need to get a move on as I want these bobbins clear for TdF which is shockingly on the horizon again.

I bought a new book, 52 Weeks of Socks (or seven and a half years of socks at my pace). There are some really nice patterns here and I kind of like the idea of taking choice out of things and just starting at the beginning. I might make a start on some sock presents using this.

Not much has happened in the garden this week as we’ve had a cold snap. I’m amazed at how warm the polytunnels stay even when there’s a frost, this means everything is still doing ok with the exception of the basil, which I might lose.

That’s it for me this week. Just a photo of my favourite ladies to end on. Despite a completely empty field they like to gather in the shady spot by the gate.

Author: ceulanfibres

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13 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22: Week Forty”

  1. I chuckled about 52 weeks of sock taking you 7.5 yrs. But then I realized it would be even longer for me! But, what a great idea to just start at the front and work your way thru the book. Your favorite ladies seem to be enjoying a lively sunny day.


    1. Yes I’ve no idea how long they will take but I do like the idea of just picking up the next one when I’ve finished a pair. It might help with learning new skills, I think it’s quite easy to stick to what you know sometimes.


  2. Like Marsha I laughed at your 7.5 years joke, but I think 3 pairs is the most I’ve knit in a year so I’m way over that. I’ve been trying to get my spinning mojo back too. I have a spin started in YOP9 I want to finish this YOP year. I am going to try to spin 10 mins a day and see if it comes back. Whose team are you usually on for TDF? Cute ladies.


    1. I think we have the same pace on socks! They’re always good for using up those single skeins I ‘have’ to buy when I see them. I’ve whittled my TdF groups down a bit, I usually just spin with Fellview Fibers now, sometimes I pop into the spindles group if I’m doing any spindle spinning.

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  3. What a great workhorse sweater that’s going to be when you’ve got it off the needles. I adore the color you picked!

    Are you serious about your 52 weeks book? Because I had the SAME thought about working through it (I’ve only knit one pair out of it so far). If you would like to give it a go, at a casual pace, I would love to do a KAL with you over the next decade! There are so many great patterns in there. (And I also want to do the same with the shawl book but maybe that’s a project for retirement…..)


      1. DONE! I’m super excited! The only pair I’ve finished is pattern #1 – Intersections – which I knit when the book first came out. There is absolutely no rush for you to work on your pair but keep me posted ……..And we’ll start off on pair #2 whenever you are read. (And then you can…um…. let me know if you happen to feel similarly about the shawl book. If (when?) you get yourself a copy.)

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  4. Love your sheep photos. That’s something I got get to see where I live. I have seen so many people get that 52 weeks of socks book. I agree, even 52 months of socks would be aggressive for me but an interesting idea!! I already have some sock books that I got from our local library sale. I love the idea of doing a knit through the book!


  5. I knit Hitofude years ago with a silk blend yarn and it is gorgeous – when you find the right yarn you will love it! Your boxy will be great as well and nice to have it off the needles.


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