Year of Projects 2021/22: Week Forty Six

Only a quick update for me. Very little progress on any knitting projects. I finished blocky Boxy and love the finish of the final fabric but need to sew in a few ends ( and decide on redoing the neck).


I’ve made small progress on my Ogopogo sock. I have two big spinning projects I want to finish before the Tour de Fleece starts so I think spinning will become a bit of a focus for the next few months. I used to spin for hours and just don’t seem to have the staying power I used to. I know I could finish them during the Tour, but for some reason I like a fresh wheel on Day 1.

Greater Stitchwort

There’s been lots happening in the garden so I might have a separate post on that soon. This weekend I’ve been potting on lots of veggies and filling endless bags with weeds. I’m using a garden journal for keeping a log of what I’m up to. As well as space for weekly activities it also has pages of prompts to help develop your gardening skills and knowledge. One of the tasks this week has been to go out for a walk and take some photos of local wildflowers, identify them, and sketch them. I think sketching is a bit beyond me but the photos here are some examples of what is currently in bloom in the hedgerows near me.

I ‘think’ this is Cuckoo Flower but not 100%

In final news I had my eye test this week and suddenly my struggles with knitting, and reading physical books became clear when my reading prescription jumped quite significantly. I’m hoping getting new (if horrifically expensive) glasses will see me making a bit more progress once I’m not struggling so much!

Happy crafting!

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

5 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021/22: Week Forty Six”

  1. I would say if you are having a think about the neckline then that’s worth changing it. From my experience if I need to have a think and then don’t do something I later regret it. After all that body knitting you want it to be perfect and be happy wearing it. Just my thoughts. I love the sound of your garden journal and I’m sure you are underestimating your sketching skills. I must get my eyes tested, it’s 6 months since I got my reminder.


  2. I like to start off the Tour with a clean slate, if I can, too. Are you planning to spin with a particular team this year? Or just solo? I’m hoping I can get back into a habit of spinning now that my work hours have changed a bit. Even 15 minutes a day makes a dent (especially compared to zero).


    1. I’m trying to do a little every day to. I tend to spin with Fellview Fibres on Ravelry as I’m usually using at least some of their fibre. I will at least clear my advent calendar bobbins I think. Time to start making plans!


  3. If that neckline is still bothering you, than maybe you should change it. It would be a shame for Boxy to just sit there because of a little neckline issue. Sounds like you are getting things ready for the tour. Hopefully your wheel will be empty in time for the start up.


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