Year of Projects 22/3: Week One

Despite the fact I spend more money on planners than any grown woman should, there comes a time when I have to admit I don’t really plan anything. Whether this results in freedom or chaos depends on who you ask. Either way what it means for YOP is that I certainly don’t have any specific plans beyond finishing up a WIP or two. After that we get into pretty vague territory and this suits me just fine.

12 Days of Christmas (and another six months). The light isn’t very good here at the moment and these lean a bit more blue than they appear here.

First up obviously is the Tour. I’ve just finished up plying the Hilltop Cloud 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar I started back in December. I really fell out of love with this project and as time dragged on I only hated it more. Mostly because I thought I’d made a terrible error in splitting up the fibre and spinning it as a combo spin. Having finally finished the singles and got on to the plying, however, I have to admit I actually really like how it’s turned out. I’ll post a full update in the next few weeks once I’ve got it washed and measured up.

I’m going with the higher twist yarn on the right. I think it will be just a bit crisper for stitch definition on a lace shawl.

July is pretty much devoted to all things spinning. I’m currently working on spinning a lace weight yarn from some merino/cashmere/silk I’ve had for a while now (I think this might be its third Tour). I’ve been playing with ratios and twist a bit and think I’ve finally found the settings I want for the yarn I want. I mixed up my ratios on the card but I’ve fixed that! It’s not particularly fast for lace, but I do have a fast treadle which compensates for that.

Once the Tour is out of the way I want to finish the Ogopogo socks that are still ongoing. I don’t ‘think’ I have any other WIPs, but I could have some I’ve forgotten about, it wouldn’t surprise me. Other knits for this side of 22/23 will probably be a shawl with the cashmere blend lace and I’d like to tackle a brioche scarf with some fingering I have in stash.

I’m hoping to dig out the loom this year as I didn’t do any weaving last year. My loom is far too large for the space available (and my ability) so it doesn’t see much use, sadly. I’m thinking of trying to sell it and downsize. I’m also hoping to explore an embroidery project maybe as something a bit different and start the needle felted rabbit I found under the bed and had forgotten I even had.

In fact there is quite a lot under the bed I’d forgotten about so maybe a stash inventory is in order. I don’t plan to add to stash outside of a couple of spinning projects I’m waiting to hear about, including an advent spin and probably Wonder Wool in 2023, but then does anyone ever plan to add to stash?

Finally the garden is doing really well. We’re harvesting bits here and there including potatoes (Ratte have turned out to be this year’s favourites), peas, shallots, cucumbers and beetroot. Squash and courgettes can’t be too far behind. I can’t believe how fast and large the produce in the polytunnel has grown. I am going to have to rethink plant spacing next year.

That’s it for this week’s update, I look forward to catching up with everyone else’s plans. Happy YOPing!

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

22 thoughts on “Year of Projects 22/3: Week One”

  1. I actually enjoyed doing a stash inventory (even though it made me confront how much I have). Of course me being me, I listed it all in a spreadsheet making it easier for me to “see” how much I have and schedule it out (hence the stark picture that it’s 7+years!!). I’m lucky that I can display my yarn stash along a wall of our “tv area” which I enjoy just the colorfulness of it.

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    1. I’d love to have my yarn on display, but I/we also ‘collect’ wine and books, so there is just too much wall space already in use! Getting a handle on it would be really good though, especially how much of certain yarns I have.

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  2. You made me laugh as I have bought zillions of planners over the years…yeah…..I do make lists but just in a cheap composition book…lol! Mostly the lists are so things don’t fall between the cracks… watering. and other daily chores. Your spinning is amazing and your garden sounds the same. Yes, inventory….I am doing a “deep dive” into my crafts room this afternoon. I hope I can find my way out! Have a great week!

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    1. Part of my problem is I don’t want to ruin a lovely notebook! I quite like to track habits and might try and get better at that. Crafting fifteen minutes a day must be achievable!


  3. The 12 Days of Christmas spun yarn is really pretty. Spinning lace weight yarns sounds like it is quite a challenge. I did a stash inventory a couple of years ago and was shocked. I have not done one since and don’t really want to. My sock yarn stash alone is shameful. And I keep adding to it! I would love to see you pull your loom out again. Weaving fascinates me and you have done some lovely work in the past.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t think I’ve posted any weaving projects yet, but I’ve done some simple scarves so far. I’m finding lace hard going because I really need to concentrate to keep the technique going and not fall into my default lazy spinning! It’s producing some nice results though, I think.


  4. Well that sounds like a brilliant plan to me! You spinning of the advent yarn is beautiful, I look forward to what you accomplish the rest of the month.

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  5. Sometimes it’s just a marvelous freedom to work on whatever suits your fancy. I do like to plan but I also like to jump into things if I’m feeling so moved – so I totally understand. FWIW, I think the handspun looks fantastic and I think it will be very fun to make something out of it. Hooray for productive gardens. We are still sort of recovering from some mid-May late freezes that took us off guard, I’m afraid.

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    1. Ah those late frosts can really derail green plans. I’m all about the short-term immediate gratification so I like to work on what I fancy at any given time, which means projects I’ve fallen out of love with do get sidelined in favour of my new favourite thing. I’m not really a completer finisher…


  6. We could be twins…I too have planners galore and I’m hopeless at making and sticking to them. In fact it’s almost if I write it down I’ll do it my brain will actually subconsciously send me a squirrel 🐿 to distract me. I don’t recall seeing your weaving before so that’s exciting. What time of loom is it?

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    1. Haha, yes I’m very squirrel minded, I love the starting point of projects but lose interest the longer they go on. I’m not sure whether I’ve written about my weaving here. I have a Kromski Harp. I enjoy weaving but if I was buying again I’d buy a much smaller loom for the space I have and the amount I use it.

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  7. I also love planners. This year I am using The Knitter’s Planner, as well as a spreadsheet for yarn, and of course my yop list. The last two years I’ve added more to that list than completed. I’m hoping this year will be different, but I think we know how that will go.

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  8. I also love planners. But I buy them, use them for a few months then fall off using them. I’m currently trying to get back to my planner, lol. I do like to make short term goals for YOP as it keeps me focused. Your Advent yarn is lovely. I can’t wait to see what else you spin this month!

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    1. Thank you! Yes I tend to be good at using planners for a while and then I have a lot of blank months. You’d think I’d learn not to bother but I’m convinced there is one that will revolutionise my life 😂


  9. A few years ago I got a “Happy Planner” on clearance, and it has been my go-to for going over 3 years!
    Paper planners work better for me than digital. Like it makes it more REAL.
    I look forward to all your beautiful spins and their resulting projects.

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  10. I am so with you in the planners! I never seem to use them. At the moment I have lists of what I want to make washi taped to my wardrobe doors. I’m like a child and I need to *see* my progress and colouring in a square is like a sticker chart.

    Your spun yarn is just beautiful.

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