Year of Projects 2022/23: Week Four

It’s just a quick spinning update from me. I haven’t managed as much spinning in terms of completed skeins this TdF but I have spun most days which has been a nice change and I’m super pleased to have finished up two long term spinning projects.

I finished up the 12 Days of Christmas Hilltop Cloud calendar first which had been on the wheel for six months. I’m happy with how this three ply came out and it looks like I have around 850m of yarn now that it’s washed. I’ll make a project post about this next week. I then spun up 50g of a Fellview Fibres merino/cashmere/silk blend as a lace weight yarn. I love this and want to find a shawl pattern for it when I finish the other 50g.

And finally there was the HTC mystery fibre which is part of a five skein fade pack. I’ve been at this one for at least three years so it’s nice to be finished with it. The final skein is not as consistent as the first four but I’m hoping I’ll get away with it. My plan is to cast on a So Faded (Ravelry link) which I swatched for all those years ago. With hindsight I would now like a cardigan rather than a sweater but since I have spun the fibre to make the sweater gauge I’m going to stick to that. I just need to decide whether to move dark to light or light to dark from the top down.

Finally the garden continues to deliver up some bits and pieces. We’re harvesting peas, potatoes, tomatoes, and courgettes now. I think I’m leaving the carrots and beets to grow a bit bigger. I might have made an error with how large sprouting broccoli can grow, it’s currently taking up a lot of room and crowding out some of my other plants. I’ve made second sowings of root veg and radicchio to try and keep some things going over into autumn and winter. I’m quite pleased with how things have gone this year and I think I’m slowing starting to learn what things work best. It’s great to have finally had some rain this week!

That’s it for me. Hopefully I’ll have something on the needles for next week.

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022/23: Week Four”

  1. It must be so satisfying to knit with yarns you spun yourself. That said ….. I shall resist adding a new hobby that creates more stash. That is an interesting fade so I look forward to seeing how it transforms into a finished garment.

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  2. The spun fade is going to be gorgeous either way you knit it. I prefer light on top and dark on bottom as I am bottom heavy. Your garden sounds like it did quite well this year. Congrats on that.

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    1. Yes I was think light to dark would be better for me for the same reason. The only reason I’m thinking of doing it the other way is that I love purple and think it would work better against my colouring than the brown.


  3. I had purple sprouting broccoli plants hogging a raised bed last year and then all the leaves got munched and then of course I’d forgotten it isn’t actually ready until the following Spring so it really hogs a bed and this year I didn’t plant any. You could significantly trim the leaves back to create more light for anything under planted. Your spinning is fabulous. Could you maybe make the jumper and steek it to turn it into a cardigan. Not something I’ve tried myself but Alissa just did it on her halloween cardi so its top of my mind.

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    1. I’ve been able to find the space in terms of the timings but hadn’t appreciated how much quicker it would grow than my cabbages. That’s a good tip about the trimming, I’ll take a look when it finally stops raining here. I don’t think I’m good enough to plough ahead with steeking, I think I’d like to practice on something I haven’t been spinning for three years 😂

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