Year of Projects 22/3: Week Nine

It’s been a hectic few weeks here so I’ve missed an update and still have very little to show for it. I’ve made some progress on my embroidery and some on my shawl. Unfortunately my shawl has seen one of those weeks where I have knitted and frogged the same six rows over and over again. It’s not even difficult! I do seem to be back on track now.

In other vaguely related news (and why fun stuff has been delayed for the past few weeks) we have nearly completed the spare room project so we have a space where we can work if we’re WFH at the same time. We’ve been using the dining room up until now, but with energy prices increasing we’ve decided to move into the spare room as it’s a lot warmer! If we light the log burner when it’s chilly that will heat both the downstairs living room and the bedrooms so we can hold off on the central heating

As part of this we’ve had a larger reorganisation of the house so I’ve been rearranging my stash. I’ve managed to fit it all into just two places in the house now and my stash is now categorised as:

  • Current (one knitting and one spinning project bag with things I’m actively working on)
  • Intermediate (in fabric cases on the living room bookcases. These are my ‘next up’ projects)
  • Long term (for those yarns and fibres I loved when I bought them but I’m waiting to see what want to be. Also: stash diving.)
  • Deep store. Yarn I’ve fallen out of love with/picked up on a whim/thought I could overdue/repurpose. I should get rid of this really, but I can’t quite bring myself to throw it out.

So after all of that things are neat and organised for now. Also I found sooo many needles and notions I hadn’t even realised I’d lost, as well as lovely skeins I’d forgotten about, it’s like I’ve had a day of shopping for free! One of the things I’ve discovered is this mohair pack from earlier in the year so as it is nice out this weekend I’m going to see if I can get it washed and dried ready for use.

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16 thoughts on “Year of Projects 22/3: Week Nine”

  1. I had yarns like that and advertised them on Facebook market place and one woman took the lot. It actually felt like a weight had been lifted. Yarn you no longer love is clutter…taking up valuable space for new yarns to buy that you do love 😂

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  2. Congratulations on your stash organization. Sounds like a great system that I’m going to need to employ. I’m still too much in the “can’t give up” stage. I’ll be interested in your experience of spinning mohair. That seems like it would be really hard to do. Certainly can relate to the “groundhog day” experience of knit, frog, repeat.

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  3. It sounds like all of the reorganization will be completely worth it (although it’s always a pain to get through). I have to remind myself to revisit stash more often. Like you, I sometimes find things that I really love but had forgotten about!

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    1. It’s that point half way through, when you look at everything you have pulled out strewn across every part of the room/house and wish you hadn’t bothered, that’s so tough to push through. I’m glad it’s done!


  4. Congrats on the stash organization. I’m also working on stash organization over here. I’ve got three totes in the garage still from when we moved into this house in 2020. I just purchased some clear totes so I can see what I’ve got. I like your categories.

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    1. Half of the problem is finding categories that work for you. I still need the longer term things arranged by weight etc. but thinking about it in terms of when I actually want to use it has made so much difference. Until I get sidetracked and absolutely must knit something from my long term storage and get it all out again 😂

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  5. Organizing always helps us see what we often forget we have. I recently reorganized my stash, both yarn and fiber, and decided it was time to let go of a few things. I’ve never spun mohair and look forward to seeing you spin yours up 😊

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  6. Good for you! Whenever I clean it’s like an archaeological dig; I never know what I might find underneath the rubble! LOL! You sound really organized and I like your categories for your yarn/projects. Those mohair sheep are adorable.

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    1. I’m organised for now… it rarely lasts long! I know I hold on to waaaay too much stuff, which is why my house is cluttered. But only today I discovered that the little bit of plastic I’ve been saving for years because I didn’t know what it was, is actually off my drill. Unfortunately I threw it away a few weeks ago because I never had found what it was for. Typical!


  7. You certainly have been busy with the reorganization of your stash and the rest of the house. Sounds like you will have a nice cozy and warm winter without super high energy bills.

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