Year of Projects: Week Twenty Four

OK, it’s been quite a gap on the updates. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve not really felt much like crafting. But this week I’ve finally done something! I mean, not much, but projects are inching forwards.

My knitting mojo has returned, at least enough to get moving with the second sock. I suffer terribly with second sock syndrome but I’m finally about two thirds of the way there now. You may remember me moaning about the size of my partners’ feet, and here I am again asking ‘Really? Does this really actually fit? Are you sure the other one is the right size?’ I’m about to turn the heel on clown sock #2 so hopefully finished by next weekend.

This year I have chosen Fellview Fibres for my advent calendar. I love how Carol turns her inspiration photos into fabulous rolags. I’ve just found time to make a start on spinning them up. This is day one ‘Winter Weekend Walk’, a blend of merino, alpaca, and silks. I love the pop of shine from the silk and the sudden softness of the alpaca. I aimed for a low twist spin with this one to keep the softness, and it is beautifully soft, but it’s quite underspun in places so I need to keep an eye on that with the remaining rolags. Next up is Golden Oak, which is a Shetland, merino, Corriedale and silk blend.

So small progress, but progress all the same. I’m hoping to finish up work this week and start my Christmas leave so I’m hoping to be a bit more productive on the crafting front. We’ve had a real cold snap this week so I think that’s it for me with the garden for this year. I’m looking forward to choosing my seeds for next year over the holidays. I definitely want to start getting some plans ready for next year. See you next week!

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7 thoughts on “Year of Projects: Week Twenty Four”

  1. Yes, I checked my seed stash and filled I already. We’re trying Cippolini onions in a bin this year. Beautiful sock and spin! I will probably only knit sport weight socks for Bob from now on. He likes them and they go much more quickly.

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    1. Yes sports yarn could work for the future. I’ve never heard of Cippolini before, they look very interesting. I’ve not had much look with onions but I seem to be more successful with shallots.

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  2. Love the sock pattern. They will be beautiful to wear once done. That roving is beautiful. What a wonderful yarn it will become. Starting seeds I was suspect really helps getting through the doldrums of Feb. If we wintered in Ohio, I would definitely have a seed starter set-up and probably hydroponic planters – just to have some green if nothing else. The grey and brown of Ohio winters gets old.


  3. Lovely sock and so glad you got your MOJO back! I don’t think I’ve ever lost mine but that’s good because I am so slow anyway. The fibers are gorgeous especially the Golden Oak…those are my colors to a T! The Winter Walk is lovely and looks so soft. Enjoy your time off and yes, I too am thinking about all the plans for the New Year already! You go girl!


  4. Oh hello! A rolag advent calendar! Ooooooh I’m excited to see more of these. These two are beautiful so far. Having just finished socks for my husband I feel your pain. His feet are a UK10 and mine are UK3, he won’t be getting many handmade socks from me for sure. 1 pair every 2 years is likely….just when I’ve forgotten how boring it is to knit a crazy long foot 😂. I should look at my seed packets…in fact I should look in my veg beds. We have snow and under there are some carrots and beetroot I didn’t pull up yet 🤦‍♀️


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