Year of Projects 2022/23: Week Thirty Four

Kitchen update

Well the kitchen project enters its third week. This week the plumbers were really busy (apparently we had the worst plumbing ever seen…) and a new concrete floor has gone down. We also have an outside tap at last so that’s going to help massively in the garden with washing off old pots and things. It should hopefully cut down on dirt being tracked into the new kitchen, too.

Ordinarily I think we’d be at the end of the project now, but with everything they have found we’re still some way off. The damp guy is coming this week to sort out the tanking of the walls, but once he’s done we should start to see some progress with the walls and ceilings going back up.

Garden update

The garden is a mess. That’s my fault for not tidying it all up at the end of last year like I promised myself I would do this time last year. I never listen to myself. Anyway, I got some of my early seeds sown, some padron peppers which did really well last year and some jalapeños which struggled a bit. I have one chilli plant that I have managed to keep alive over winter so that one should have a good start this year. I’ve also started off my aubergines (Bonica) and basil so that’s a good start to the gardening year. If the weather stays dry I’ll make a start on tidying up and trying to work out if those sticks in pots are dead, or if they’ll come back to life in a few months. I’m never really sure!

Crafting update

Nothing to see here. I have, however, promised myself that I’m going to get on with my embroidery project this week, I just need to clamber over the furniture and fridge in the living room to get to it.

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11 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022/23: Week Thirty Four”

  1. Well you’ll be so glad when it’s all done and it’s good you found out these problems now, so just as well you are having the new kitchen. I’m going to start planting mid-March I’ve decided, as I figure we are about 3 weeks behind what seed packets tend to say.


  2. Remodeling is not for the faint of heart. The surprises that lay behind our walls and floors can be such a nightmare. But once it is all fixed you will be so glad. Your garden looks like it is getting ready to blossom and grow.

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  3. Oh goodness. It is hard to craft when the house is under construction. Best wishes on your gardening. I never clear the beds in the fall like I’m supposed to do. I am looking forward to getting back to Ohio in April so I can cut back all my knock out roses. I hate them and always end up with thorn tips in my fingers despite wearing gloves.

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  4. I hope your remodeling gets finished and it turns out better than expected. Things are starting to sprout around here and I am hoping to plant a lot of flowers this year. Good for you getting a head start!

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    1. Thank you! I’m going to wait a while before sowing anything else, but it’s helpful to get some of the slower growing ones underway and I can look after these indoors for a little while.


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