Year of Projects 2022/23: Week Thirty Five

Well there has been some small progress in a few areas this week, even if only small progress.


In the garden this week I’ve been continuing to tidy up and start getting things ready for spring. I’ve cleared the last two of my vegetable beds of brassicas that seemed to rally briefly and then give up. This means all my veggie beds are ready for some topping up of compost and then they’ll be ready to go. I’ve put some black barrier fabric down to help start the process of warming the soil and to prevent any weeds getting a sneaky head start while my back is turned.

I also bought some squash seeds and Jerusalem artichoke tubers this week. I’ve never tried Jerusalem artichokes before so they’re a bit of a garden and kitchen first for me. I’m not sure where I’m planting everything yet and I think I need to sit down and work out what will be going where. I think I might have got carried away with my seed buying.


I’ve finally started a bit of crafting this week. The only easily accessible project is my crewel embroidery kit so have gone back to that. Some of the stitching on the large blue leaf is sloppy and I’m thinking of ripping it out. It’s been fun to pick up again and I’m hoping I’ll be finished up in the next week or two.


We’re at the end of week four with the kitchen and we are, I think, over the worst of the rectification stage. To be fair, the builders haven’t been working solidly in that time as we’ve had to wait for bits and piece to dry out in between. So far they have taken down the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room; rerouted all of the pipe work for the heating and plumbing; laid a new floor; dug a new drainage trench outside; fitted an outside tap; and redone all of the tanking along the back and side walls. It’s work that has added significantly to our original plans, but I’m hoping it’s really going to make a difference in the long run.

This week I think we’ll start to see some progress with the walls going back up. Once it actually looks more like a room and less like a building site I think I’ll start to feel a bit better about the whole thing.

So that’s it for this week. Hopefully there will be a bit more progress in all areas for next week’s update.

Author: ceulanfibres

Knitter. Spinner. Sometimes weaver and dyer.

11 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022/23: Week Thirty Five”

  1. Your embroidery is beautiful, the richness of the colours is lovely. I was just in the garden earlier and see my raised beds are full of weeds so I wish I’d put black stuff down, I’ll try to weed it this week and cover it as I have some of that black stuff in the garage (somewhere). Hopefully things will move quickly with the kitchen once the walls and ceiling are back up.

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  2. Your crewel work is so darn cute. I do not see anything wrong with the blue leaves. Your kitchen will be wonderful when completed. It will be well worth all the extra trouble that has happened

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  3. It will be so nice once the kitchen is done but it is indeed no fun during the process. Your embroidery looks great to me. What a cute picture and just in time for Easter. I’ll share my gardening ignorance. I took a gardening class a few years ago when they recommended a hoe. I’m like “are you crazy”! A hoe is back breaking. Turns out they didn’t mean the type of hoe I knew but instead it had a blade on the end of the handle that you use to cut through the dirt about a 1/4″ below the surface to cut off the top of weeds from the roots. Indeed, best tool ever!!

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    1. We’re still not quite there weather wise yet, but there’s quite a bit of clearing and preparation I can be getting on with. We’re nearly at the point I can think about plating my potatoes if I keep them under cover. We’re in a current cold snap but we definitely at the turning point for better weather.


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