In The Garden

In the garden this week we are starting to see a bit of progress. It’s been very wet and rainy here but today and the rest of this long weekend look to be sunny. I showed my peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes at the end of March and these are slowly making progress on the window sill upstairs. I’ve also sown a few lettuces, spinach, and made a start on my peas this week. The first earlies I planted in bags and left in the poly tunnel have started to peep through so I topped those up with compost to two thirds of the bags. I’ll wait until they come through again and top the up and probably move them into their final position. I do think the poly tunnel has given them a bit of a head start even though the weather has been pretty cool here lately.

This week I have started another two bags of Nicola and Maria Peer. I planned to position these alphabetically so that I remembered which was which but as with the previous planting I’m pretty certain I mixed my ‘M’ and ‘N’ up! I made a start digging over my back bed for planting my main crop potatoes and found a nice haul from last year.

Leftover Ratte from last season

I think these are Ratte so I’m going to boil these and have them with a bit of butter and asparagus tomorrow as a light birthday lunch. I also planted two bags of Jerusalem Artichokes. I have no idea if I even like these so I might stick the two plantings and just see how it goes this year but I do have quite a few leftover and can’t seem to give them away!

I think that’s it on my planting update. I making a start with clearing some of the beds and pruning some of the things I should have pruned back at the end of last year. Hopefully I can get quite a bit tidied up before the rains are due again on Monday when I’ll probably turn my attention back to sowing. I hope your plans are coming along.

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7 thoughts on “In The Garden”

  1. I hope you’ll have nice weather to enjoy outdoor things over your bank holiday weekend! We’re still in the up and down phase – way below freezing Wednesday night but supposed to be sunny and t-shirt weather this weekend!

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  2. I’ve got 6 spuds poking through but my 4th bag has nothing yet and I’m a bit worried it wasn’t sheltered enough from the cold 😬 I think you’ll like the taste of Jerusalem Artichokes its whether you’ll cope with the farts they produce 😂 eat them in summer when you can sleep with the windows open. Sounds like things are coming on in your garden and I’m maybe 2 weeks behind you weather wise.


    1. I’ve been reading how super healthy they are, I guess they have to have a down side. I don’t know much about fermented foods but I keep reading how healthy these are too. Do you make others?

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