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In The Garden

It’s been a busy few weeks continuing with weeding, clearing, sowing, and generally keeping on top of things. I love this time of year because we are just at the point of harvesting the first few crops of the year. Here’s a quick update: I’ve covered the strawberry bed with straw to try and cut…

Year of Projects: Week Forty Seven

In the Garden So this week’s YOP is pretty much just a garden update, but I have been busy out there this week. It’s been a super sunny weekend here. Of course, having spent months complaining about it being too wet to get on with things I am now grumbling about it being too hot…

Year Of Projects 2023: Week Forty Six

Spinning Some progress at long last I finished my Advent Calendar Gradient. It’s not as consistent as I’d like, but I love how the colours work together..This is destined for a cowl if I can just stop getting my cast on twisted! Time for attempt number three! I’ve also started spinning the second half of…

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